General Notary Service Fees

  • Signature of first-person $10

  • Each additional signature $1

  • Administer oath or affirmation $10

  • Deposition of witness $1 (price is per every 100 words)

  • Swearing a witness to a deposition $10

  • Protesting a bill or note $4

  • Each additional notice of protest $1

  • Protesting in all other cases $4

  • Certified copy $6 (Copy fee not included. Must be made by notary)

  • Un-certified copy of notary book $1 (price is per page for an uncertified copy of an entry from notary record book)

  • All notarial acts not provided for $10

  • At this time, I do not provide notarial services for depositions or apostilles.

Other Fees

(These fees are in addition to the General Notary Fees.)

  • Travel $10 (Old Magnolia area)

  • Travel $40 (over 15 miles from 19677 Dorris Dr, Magnolia, Tx 77355)

  • Travel $1.00 round trip (For every mile over 15 miles)

  • Travel Tolls/Parking You will be billed for tolls and parking expenses that MUST be paid BEFORE I sign any documents

  • After Hours $25 (6pm-10pm plus travel fee)

  • Late Nights, Weekends, Holidays $50 (10:01pm-1am and weekends plus travel fee)

  • Hospitals and nursing homes $25 (Plus travel fee)

  • Jails and detention centers $100 (Plus travel fee)

  • Wait time $25 per hour (If waiting 30 minutes or longer past appointment time at any location)

  • Printing fee Black/White $0.25 per page. (If you don’t have access to a printer, you may email them to me and I will print for you)

  • Printing fee Color $0.50 per page. (If you don’t have access to a printer, you may email them to me and I will print for you)

  • Printed copies for personal records Black/White $0.25 per page

  • Printed copies for personal records Color $0.50 per page

  • Scan and email copy for personal records $0.50 per page

  • Priority Mail of Documents $30 (you will be emailed the tracking number)

Other Services

  • Sign I-9 $35 (plus travel fee)

  • Test Proctor $15 per hour (30 miles from office)

  • Test Proctor $25 per hour (over 30 miles from office)

  • Loan Closing $150 (plus any travel fees)